The art work

The art work

Here's the deal y'all. I didn't know I could draw.  When I started this whole thing I planned on using clip art, then I started playing around with my iPad and whoops. The day I found out I could draw was when I jokingly took a picture of my BF hugging his plants and I recreated it.  I showed it to a few people and they were like, what?  You can draw?  I was like, no, it's the weed.  I worked with that image for a few months, and it eventually became the signature All Hail the Leaf image. 

The King of the Leaf image came from a gem hunting trip.  We were out in the wild looking for agate and thunder eggs.  I looked up and my BF was above me standing in a pose not unlike the Big Lebowski.  I said, wait stay there!  I took this picture and that became the King of the Leaf.  

All of the art on this site is done personally by me.  The lettering is of course not my work, but every image is.  This is important to me because the message I'm trying to convey is important. Weed is an can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  My message is personal and my art work is, too. 

I'll use future blog posts and social media to tell you all about the other drawings. 

Mary Jane, my ride or die. It's a good day to say, All Hail the Leaf!

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